Map of Locations

You are encouraged to dip in, wander the Pendle Hill area and explore these special places in any order. Watch for themed radical walks, linking these locations, on our Downloads page. We’ll also be adding further locations in the near future.

Clarion House, Jinny Lane, Newchurch

Independent Labour Party

From 1912

Spiritual Home of the Clarion Movement

Pendle Hill Summit

George Fox


I Was Moved of the Lord to Go Up

Information Barn, Downham

George Fox


Mightily Affected with Truth

Higher White Lee Farm, Higham (panel located in Higham Village)

Sir Jonas Moore


The Father of Time

Inghamite Church, Wheatley Lane

Benjamin Ingham


The Spirit of the Lord was Poured upon Him

Fox’s Well

George Fox


Found a Spring of Water

Glen Cottage, Earby

Katharine Bruce Glasier


Mother of the Independent Labour Party